I am a Student, Developer and Hacker.

No, not the illegal sort of hacker but the one who loves attending Hackathons, learning new softwares/languages and always programming.
I am currently a student at Virginia Tech majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math. My passion for technology has led me to develop a career centered around programming.

Work Experience

Microsoft - Software Dev Intern

Architected and implemented new design to allow reading from secondary nodes in Microsoft Azure's RSL Hekaton architecture. Worked with large scale distributed computing systems to design scalable and multithreaded code in C# and C++

Facebook - Software Dev Intern

Worked on two highly impactful projects.
First, build a tool to reduce launch time of a Facebook product from 8+ hours to about 5 minutes. Second, built a fullstack messenger bot that anounces live election results in group chats. Code - Hack, XHP.

Rackspace - Software Dev Intern

Developed software to automate fanatical support for AWS by installing SSM agents on every EC2 instance that Rackspace customers own.The software runs audit simultaneously and performs tasks on all machines.

Rakuten - Big Data Intern

Created a search tracker using Node.js and Cassandra for Rakuten's search engine to maintain all search up to 10 days. Also designed and implemented the entire GUI while extensively manipulating and analyzing the data.

Virginia Tech - Resident Advisor

Supervising an area of 42 residents by creating a positive living environment designed to link community, faculty, and residents. Utilized public speaking skills to create and present programs that educate residents about critical issues.

Motion Gallery - Software Intern

Implemented a micro theater service using Ruby on rails and SQL3 at a startup. Responsible for creating a complete Model-View-Controller system and writing RSpec tests. Became proficient in using the git command line, learned how to program ruby and using web dev tools like Bootstrap.


Speedup Graphspace Queries (Undergrad Research)

Worked with Dr. Murali to achieve a 99.2% speedup in Graphspace's search times. I did this by moving all data from Postgres to Elasticsearch.


Built a project using multiple AWS technologies to enable people to anonymously send a text message to anyone in the world, without providing their own phone number!

Air Traffic Controller - VR on Oculus

Developed a software at Bitcamp 2017 that simulates the job of an Air traffic Controller in Virtual Reality on the oculus rift. Input is done using voice controls through Alexa.

Yeast-Mutant Database (Undergrad Research)

Worked with Dr. Murali to develop a database using Node.js and MongoDB to store yeast-mutant phenotype information.

Code View

Website used as a platform to conduct live programming interviews. Real time code editor with autocomplete, syntax highliting!
Used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

Catch-Ups Assistant Survey

Developed Chrome extension to automate the process of filling out Catch-Up Survey's for all Resident Advisors at Virginia Tech. Efficiency improved by 85%.

Duty Scheduler
(Undergrad Research)

Researched and developed a variation of Ford-Fulkerson’s MaxFlow algorithm used to schedule RAs for duty everyday. (Java)

TimeCheck - Android App

Android App devleoped at Hoya Hacks used to make sure you don't miss the bus!
Awards: Most interesting use of Twitter API, 3rd Best hack at Hoya Hacks

Unbeatable Tic Tac Toe AI

Developed an AI that can play the game of Tic-Tac Toe against you. The program never loses and either draws or wins the game!
Backend has been coded in C++

Randomizer - Android App

Android App that can perform a variety of 'random' function such as roll a dice, pick a card, random number and much more!
Made using MIT's App Inventor.

My Website

This project contains the code and details for my website (the one you are looking at).
This is an Online Portfolio demonstrating my skills, projects, and ways to find me.
Used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery